To cover all the tasks arising from the key topics, it is necessary not only to monitor current analytical trends and purchase expensive instrumental equipment, but also to test all the methods for the purpose of the fine arts research and optimize analytical procedures to achieve maximum analytical yield with minimal intervention to the artwork. It is clear from the practice that routine analyses without systematic research and testing often lead to misinterpretations.

ALMA keeps up with current analytical trends in cultural heritage research, which particularly include portability of the methods (research of artworks in situ) and their non-invasiveness (materials analysis without sampling). Furthermore, in addition to portable instruments and non-invasive high-resolution scanning techniques, ALMA offers a wide range of laboratory instruments for the study of micro-samples.

Portable devices

X-ray radiography and IR reflectography

Large area macro-XRF scanner

Light microscopy

Electron microscopy

X-ray powder diffractometry
FT-IR spectroscopy

Special analysis