Fourier Transform Infrared Micro-spectroscopy (micro FT-IR) is the only non-destructive micro-analytical method for determination of organic compounds in paint layers - especially binders. For this purpose, reflection and Micro-Attenuated Total Reflection (micro ATR) measurements are combined to obtain the best possible results. However, non-destructive analysis may not be sufficient for further specification of binders and micro-destructive procedures (e.g., chromatography, MALDI-TOF MS, etc.) are required.

In ALMA, micro FT-IR is used for multiple applications – the screening of binders, the study of processes that take place during metal soaps formation in model and artworks samples (using Focal Plane Array - FPA detector for chemical imaging) or the determination of crystallochemical composition of clay minerals in pigments (using wide-band mercury cadmium telluride - MCT detector).