Czech Science Foundation

Czech Science Foundation – GA Standard projects

2017-2019 (3 years): Provenance analysis of Italian fine art by advanced approaches of geosciences and archaeometry (17-25687S)

2017-2019 (3 years): Formation of metal soaps in paintings as a cause of their degradation (17-15621S)

2014-2016 (3 years) Microanalysis of clay minerals in the fine art as a part of provenance studies (14-22984S)

2012-2014 (3 years) Methods for multimodal image processing based on mathematical models of optical properties of paint material for artwork analysis (P103/12/2211)

2007-2009 (3 years) Novel non-invasive and microanalytical methods for study of medieval paintings, origin of pigments and their chemical degradation (GA 203/07/1324)

2004-2006 (3 years) Material and micro-structural features in the dating and technological evaluation of the Mid-European painting (GA 203/04/2091)

Czech Science Foundation – GA Junior projects

2004-2006 (3 years) Application of X-ray microdiffraction to mineralogical analyses of works of art (KJB1032401)

2006-2008 (3 years) Wall Painting Damage by Salts: Causes and Mechanisms (KJB400320602)